2012: My Year in Review

As I sit and ruminate on this last day of the year, I can’t help but look forward. I’ve got a good feeling about 2013, but I wouldn’t have gotten there without 2012. Here is my year in review, the good, the bad, and the ugly, in no particular order.

In 2012, I:

Lost my grandmother.
Continued to search for my patience.
Realized I am now middle aged. And I feel like it.
Made new friends.
Saw the true colors of some old, now ex ones.
Came to accept that, no matter how many people encourage me, I am not cut out to parent. And that’s okay.
Put major obstacles in the way of my relationship.
Helped rip apart an entire room, right down to the studs. Complained the whole time.
Gained new appreciation for (and was decidedly turned on by) my girlfriend’s determination.
Released my first collection of short stories.
Weaned myself off my anti-anxiety meds because I was disconnecting from life.
Got my shit together and re-invested in my relationship.
Found myself at my heaviest ever–EVER–with extra tummy and a larger jeans size.
Decided I despise being in my 40s.
Realized it’s better than the alternative.
Started planning my wedding.
Became determined to get into better shape before my wedding date of December 28.
Cut back on my alcohol intake.
Tried hard to learn to just relax and breathe. (Still trying.)
Became a member of a writing group for the first time.
Moved my writing space to a different, sunnier room in the house and love it.
Had four meltdowns over the holidays.
Realized how very, truly lucky I am to have the partner I have.
Wondered how she continues to put up with me and my idiosyncrasies for all these years.
Gave up working out.
Decided to work out regularly.
Went from being irritated by Duncan to loving and adoring him.
Revamped my entire website.
Watched too many people kill too many other people and wondered what the hell is happening in this world.
Became addicted to the HGTV network.
Ripped out our entire front yard landscaping with my bare hands and started over.
Made split pea soup for the first time. Delicious!
Finally heard my audio book after two years. Strangely impressed.
Went to Womens Week without Bonnie. Won’t do it again.
Struggled financially, but managed to survive.
Look forward to the new year with an enthusiasm I’ve never had before. Weird.

I also made a list of resolutions…something I haven’t done in years. I even hung that list up so I can look at it every day and monitor my progress. How about you? Any big resolutions this year? Share with me! Let me know I’m not the only crazy one…

I continue to subscribe to the belief that I have the best readers in the whole world. Please keep writing to me and letting me know what you think of my work. Your support really keeps me going, especially on those days when I’m sure I am a talentless hack. Happy New Year to all of you. Much love!


Emily Cherin

I LOVE this post. It inspires me to write, validates me. It’s incredibly human and honest. I love all your ups and downs, intense, and foibled…LOVE it..i had a similar year, with very different experiences, but can so relate to 40’s sucking, all that comes home to roost, and all the wishes and hope that still exist. Thank you.

J Cuthbertson

“Share with me…let me know I’m not the only crazy one…”
You’re not the only crazy one. My year wasn’t quite as up and down as yours, it was mostly pretty good. I could write a million things, but I’ll keep it simple and say that I enjoyed listening to your audio book (made a drive across the Midwest infinitely more bearable), and I’ve got “Too Close to Touch” next in line on my Kindle. Will start it today–something to look forward to!
You are SO a talented writer. And you’ve not just written, you’ve published, so others out there know how good you are. My resolution this year is to get a book to a publisher and see if I can be published, too–or if I’m just a talentless hack.
A comment about being in your 40’s. I’m not in my 40’s anymore…when I turned 50 I was happy because it meant I could retire with a pension and not have to work again. Yay. This year I turned 51 and realized that the “5” in the first digit of my age isn’t going away (for ten years), and in some people’s eyes I’m officially ancient. EEK!
The good news–I don’t feel 51. I’m still in my 30’s or something like that, and I’m trying to act like it. I’ve been working out and feeling the positive results, and I know I’ve still got a lot of good living to do. I am interested and eager to see what’s ahead.
So, I hope, are you. I actually met you briefly a couple of times, at the GCLS Con in Minneapolis and at Women’s Week, and I was struck by your graciousness and kindness to a simple fan like me. Good things come to nice people, I am convinced–so look forward to lots of good things.
Did you get married on the 28th?? If so, I hope it was everything you wanted it to be.
Take care,

Melissa Brayden

Happy New Year, Georgia. Your list is evidence of a very accomplished, seemingly eye opening year. Sometimes those are the most helpful ones, even if not the most enjoyable. In the new year I hope to sacrifice some of my routine (TV, internet surfing, staring into space) in favor of all the things I wish I did. Like Chicken Marsala. I should learn to make that. I think I will. 🙂

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