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Little Joys

How are you doing during this crazy time in the world? I mean, really. How are you? Me? It depends on the day, I guess. The state of our government terrifies me. The pandemic terrifies me. I just moved into a new house. My dog is old. I have family and friends that I love… Read more »

Visibility is Key

I am home. Laundry is in, I’m fairly well caught-up on sleep, and the return to my own time zone hasn’t quite killed me, so I think it’s safe to say I’m good. I have spent the past five days at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, which was in Las Vegas this year (side note:… Read more »

Preparation Blues

I am a planner. I’ve talked about this before. I like order. I like lists. That’s not to say that I am a neat freak, because I’m not. But chaos stresses me out. I like a schedule. I like to know where I’m going to be at any given time. I do not excel at… Read more »

Guest Blogger Jove Belle

Since I am so bad at updating my blog, I decided to let somebody else do it. My friend Jove has a new book out and she’s pretty awesome, so here she is to tell you all about it. Take it away, Jove. Check it out. I wrote a new book. A novella, actually. It’s… Read more »


So, here’s what’s happening to me lately: I have puppies on the brain. There’s not a lot I can do about it and it’s worse for somebody like me (i.e. a sucker for animals). My good friend just got a new puppy, and she sends me adorable videos of him. I was walking my boys… Read more »

GCLS 2015

I wait anxiously every year. It seems to take forever to get here…until two weeks before the start. Then those two weeks fly by and the event is upon me. I pack up (way too many) clothes, my notes for panels and workshops, my laptop, phone, and chargers, and I’m off. Leaving on a jet… Read more »

Conference Brain

Have you guys ever attended a conference? Doesn’t matter what kind. Any kind. A conference for your job. A conference surrounding something you love. Any conference that consists of you swimming along in a giant ocean of other people who do/love the same thing you do/love. Ever been to one? I have. More than once…. Read more »

You’re Going to Be Okay

I saw a music video this morning that moved me, mostly because as a teenager, I could completely relate. I am so grateful to not be a girl growing up in this day and age of social media, of everybody scrutinizing every little physical thing about you, of cyber bullying. How in the world do you… Read more »

Everybody Needs a Writing Conscience

So while A Little Bit of Spice is visiting the editor, I have begun work on the next book, the first in a series of I haven’t decided how many yet. Let me tell you how that came about (not the series, the starting of the next novel already, which is very unlike me). I have… Read more »

On Discipline

The good news about working from home is that I have no deadlines except the ones I impose upon myself and nobody to answer to except me. The bad news about working from home is that I have no deadlines except the ones I impose upon myself and nobody to answer to except me. Bottom… Read more »