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Little Joys

How are you doing during this crazy time in the world? I mean, really. How are you? Me? It depends on the day, I guess. The state of our government… Read more »

Visibility is Key

I am home. Laundry is in, I’m fairly well caught-up on sleep, and the return to my own time zone hasn’t quite killed me, so I think it’s safe to… Read more »

Preparation Blues

I am a planner. I’ve talked about this before. I like order. I like lists. That’s not to say that I am a neat freak, because I’m not. But chaos… Read more »

Guest Blogger Jove Belle

Since I am so bad at updating my blog, I decided to let somebody else do it. My friend Jove has a new book out and she’s pretty awesome, so… Read more »


So, here’s what’s happening to me lately: I have puppies on the brain. There’s not a lot I can do about it and it’s worse for somebody like me (i.e…. Read more »

GCLS 2015

I wait anxiously every year. It seems to take forever to get hereā€¦until two weeks before the start. Then those two weeks fly by and the event is upon me…. Read more »

Conference Brain

Have you guys ever attended a conference? Doesn’t matter what kind. Any kind. A conference for your job. A conference surrounding something you love. Any conference that consists of you… Read more »

You’re Going to Be Okay

I saw a music video this morning that moved me, mostly because as a teenager, I could completely relate. I am so grateful to not be a girl growing up… Read more »

On Discipline

The good news about working from home is that I have no deadlines except the ones I impose upon myself and nobody to answer to except me. The bad news… Read more »