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So, I’m working on a new book. It has no title yet, so I’m simply calling it The Beer Book. In it, I have a main character who works for a small, family-owned craft brewery and another who doesn’t know the first thing about, nor has she ever liked, beer. Fun fact: I don’t know… Read more »

Women’s Week in Provincetown, 2014

Apparently, it is my lot in life to go for months and months with no idea on a subject for a blog. Then one day, I wake up with four of them. I don’t understand my brain. That being said, let’s talk about my recent trip to Provincetown for Women’s Week. Have you ever been?… Read more »

The Food Blog

As many of you know or may have heard, last month at the annual Golden Crown Literary Society conference, I sat on a panel called “Eat Your Heart Out.” My fellow panelists were RG Emanuelle, Mary Griggs, and Karin Kallmaker, and what we all have in common is the fact that food tends to play… Read more »

Don’t F**k With the Babysitter

Is a 45 year age difference creepy? Probably. But I don’t care. I’ve fallen in love with a one-year-old. I admit it. I am a woman who has never really wanted kids (although I did have a brief period in my mid-thirties when I thought I wanted to be pregnant…which is completely different than wanting… Read more »

So Long, 2013

It’s the last day of 2013. Already. Wow, where did this year go? I feel like I was just writing up my resolutions for 2013 and now it’s December 31. How did that happen? The older I get, the faster it goes. It’s a day for reflection. For remembering the good and the bad of… Read more »

How We Eat

Bonnie showed me this video over the weekend, which is actually an advertisement for restaurant chain Chipotle. Take a look: First of all, how friggin’ awesomely haunting is this version of “Pure Imagination” by Fiona Apple? I’ve been humming it for days. But second—and more important—how about the message conveyed so heart-wrenchingly by the… Read more »

96 Hours

It’s that time of year. I don’t mean fall, though it is that (my favorite season, I might add). It’s also football season, sweater season, back to school season, and almost Halloween. But I don’t mean any of those things. I mean it’s very nearly the anniversary of September 11. Can you believe it’s been… Read more »

Orange is My New Obsession

I should be working on my Christmas novel. Or editing my novel after that. I worked this morning, but this afternoon, my mind is wandering all over the place. In order to keep myself from losing several hours trolling Facebook, I decided I should take Steff’s advice (she is so often right) (shh! don’t tell… Read more »

GCLS 2013 Wrap-Up

Now that I am feeling almost human again, I think it’s time to do that yearly thing I do: the GCLS conference wrap-up. I’ve been home for almost three days (though there was a holiday thrown in, which messed with my recovery process), and I’m just about ready to get back to work. You introverts… Read more »

Ode to 45

I’m 45 now. I know, right? I can hardly believe it either. Where does the time go? I know most women don’t like to admit to their age, especially once they cross the four-oh mark, but I’m practicing acceptance and embracing. So. I’m 45 now. And I have some things to say about that. Brace… Read more »