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Books are expensive. Let’s begin with that statement. It’s a fact. A brand new, hardcover novel (and some paperbacks) can run you anywhere from $15-$30 or more. I have a handful of authors whose books I have on my living room shelves and whose new hardcovers I will always buy. I think of them as… Read more »

Elation and Frustration

I find it very unsettling to be happy and irritated at the same time. Elation and frustration have no business occupying my being at the same time. I don’t like it. It confuses me. Here’s the deal: I’m working on a new novel. Olive Oil & White Bread, my next romance. The first draft is… Read more »

The Oscars 2013

I’ve been an Oscar buff since I was in college, and I’ve watched the awards every year with my dear friend Mike since 1990. It sounds corny to others, I’m sure, but the first time we watched them together was in my teeny, tiny basement apartment when we both worked in public television. Mike showed… Read more »

The Dead of Winter

I don’t know where the rest of you live, but I’m in Upstate New York. And right now, it’s the dead of winter. February is a tough month in my neck of the woods. March is even tougher because it’s so damn long. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind winter. In fact, I think… Read more »

It’s Update Time

I noticed (okay, I didn’t notice; it was pointed out to me) that I’m due for an update of my blog. Lucky you. Let’s see. What’s been going on in my life lately that you might want to know about? I just did an awesome interview. Ever heard of the Cocktail Hour? It’s this great little… Read more »


I watched the Golden Globe Awards last night. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m going to say it anyway. And then I’ll brace for the reprimanding. Jodie Foster made me angry. Let me preface by saying that I know she is a lesbian icon, and I have always been a fan. Of her… Read more »

2012: My Year in Review

As I sit and ruminate on this last day of the year, I can’t help but look forward. I’ve got a good feeling about 2013, but I wouldn’t have gotten there without 2012. Here is my year in review, the good, the bad, and the ugly, in no particular order. In 2012, I: Lost my… Read more »

The Next Big Thing

I was supposed to do this yesterday, but the day got away from me. Oops. I also think I might be one of the last ones in line because it seems like my writer friends have all participated in this already. Therefore, I am tagging nobody. The buck stops here. I am answering the same questions… Read more »

Meet My Friend, Laurie…

Do you guys know my good friend, Laurie Salzler? Well, you should. Not only is she an awesome person in general (she and her partner, Linda, are the kindest women you ever want to meet), but she’s fairly new to this business of writing lesbian romance, and trust me, you don’t want to miss her… Read more »

Round Georgie

I suck at blogging. By now, most of you are aware of this fact. I try. I swear I do. But my biggest obstacle is trying to find a topic that I don’t think will bore you to tears. I actually just wrote an entire page, reread it, and deleted it because it was yawn-inducing…. Read more »