Ch-ch-ch-changes. Sort of.

I’m happy to report that things have not changed much since the posting of my last blog. I’m still feeling wonderful, invested, creative, and energetic. That doesn’t mean I haven’t had a few down moments (hey, this is life; who doesn’t have those?), but for the most part, I feel like I’m still seeing clearly for the first time in ages, and I hope it stays that way..

In keeping with my new wave of energy, I’ve decided to try some things that I’ve never tried before. Nothing as drastic as jumping out of a plane (cough/RachelSpangler/cough)–not yet, anyway–but things that I’ve talked about or thought about at some point. Silly stuff, really, but I don’t care. I don’t want to call it a bucket list. I’m too young to have one of those. It’s just…new stuff.

I want to try my hand at knitting. I wonder if I’d be good at it or if my lack of patience would be a detriment. (Said lack of patience is why I don’t play golf. I want to be at least somewhat decent at it, and I suck at golf. Golfing makes me want to throw things. Mainly expensive clubs and little white balls.) I used to crochet with my grandmother when I was young, so the idea isn’t completely foreign. I got some helpful advice from my friend Susie, so I’m going to give it a try.

I want to learn to make the perfect martini. I know there are dozens of varieties and I’ve already tried my hand at a couple. I must have done all right because the folks I fed them to were three sheets to the wind rather quickly. And they wanted more. So far, the dirty martini is my favorite to make; at least you know what you’re getting with that one. The French martini is the one that sneaks up on you. Yikes. Not sure which way I’ll go next. Suggestions?

I wonder if there’s a place around here that does trail rides on horseback. I’ve always loved horses, though I’ve only ridden once or twice in my whole life. Bonnie is a bit intimidated by them, so this is an experience I’d have to have alone, but I don’t mind. Got to do a little research. If you’re local and you know of someplace I should look into, I’d love it if you’d let me know.

I’ve also decided it’s time for a change of creative space, so Mikki and I are doing a switcheroo. She’s taking the attic and I’m going to turn her bedroom into my new office. It should work for both of us. More privacy for her. More wall space for me. I picked some paint samples today and I’m going to slap them on the walls this week, decide which one makes me feel the coziest, the most energized, and the most like a NY Times bestselling author. That’s the one we’ll go with. Lots of windows and sunlight in the new space, so I plan to have plants (another thing I’d like to get more into). I’ll post a picture when it’s ready.

Blogs are for babbling, right? I hope so because I feel like that’s what I’m doing. I hope you don’t mind.

What about you guys? What are you interested in that you’ve never had the time or inclination to try your hand at? I can’t be the only one. Talk to me!

Okay. Off to make some more changes. Like moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Such an exciting life I lead!

PS: I hope you voted!

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Love the energy. Love the new directions. When I hit 50 a few yrs back, I dusted off the acrylics and paint brushes and have been adventuring ever since, it seems to add life and energy to get up and do things we’ve always wondered bout. Good luck with the horses…

susan pamplin

It’s so good to be having you blabbing about your life again.The photo’s show a kind of tranquility about you.I’m glad your out of the tunnel now.I look forward to seeing your new study when it’s completed,ha ha nothing like slapping emulsion on wall’s for getting inspiration on a new book theme.Tried horse riding a while ago but really ached next day,must have been doing it wrong!!Crochet is better than knitting because dropped stitches go along not down.Think mixing and drinking martini’s is by far the best idea.

Lynne Pierce

I hope you have more luck with the knitting than I did. My mother tried to teach me many years ago and I ended up throwing a knitting needle across the room. Your writing has probably taught you greater patience than I had (have)……..then again.


I’m happy for you, you sound good. I really like knitting after writing. No thinking, just doing. If you don’t like it…pull out the needle and start over. pfft.


Glad to hear you babble! It’s like I’m in the musty basement of South Hall (the old South Hall), listening to Butts and the Lobster, Freddi and you, amongst others. Seems to me, great ideas came from those meetings. We weren’t exactly sure of what we were doing but we were sure we were doing it right! I wish I had all the answers now, like I had them back then! I’m not sure I could handle a Martini and I have a story about horses for another time but if you ever want advice about knitting ask Deb! She spins her own yarn-the freak! Keep the posts coming!


Hey, jumping out of an airplane isn’t so bad. Helo-jump was fun, also. May I recommend that someone teach you the European way of knitting – my Mother taught me when I was7. As an adult, I had a friend try to teach me the American way and that was (as the kids like to say) FAILURE. Have fun with the horseback riding. Kids love it.


First of all , i really love your books. I am looking forward to each new one. Congratulation to your new website. I enjoy your site. and the best information today for me – you are working an a new book. That’s great. For your books i’ve had to improve my poor english language knowlegde. That was a great milestone for me. books like yours help me to relax , they keeps me sane. There are many things I can not , par example knitting and riding horses. If that are the things to take your mind off please go on. For me you are defenitly a NY Times Besteller Author (lesbian fiction) !!!


My fav is a chocolate martini! Would you be willing to take a drive to Leroy sometime? I have a friend with horses where you can ride.
I have also made a list of things to do before I’m too old. I want to learn to play the drums, work with mosaics or glass blowing, lots of other ideas. I can picture you knitting a hat for Bonnie….good for you putting your creative talents to work.

Georgia Beers

Kim – I would absolutely travel to Leroy to ride a horse! Maybe we can do that together come spring? Bonnie might come, but she won’t ride…horses intimidate her. But I’d love to. Can we? Can we? Huh?

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