Elation and Frustration

I find it very unsettling to be happy and irritated at the same time. Elation and frustration have no business occupying my being at the same time. I don’t like it. It confuses me.

Here’s the deal: I’m working on a new novel. Olive Oil & White Bread, my next romance. The first draft is due by the end of June. I was worried for a little bit because I hit sort of a snag on it, but lately, I’ve been cruising. Cruising. Writing like crazy. I’m right on time. I’m not worried about my deadline at all.

That being said, I also have a keynote speech to write. You may or may not know that I am the keynote speaker at the Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual conference (coincidentally, also at the end of June) in Dallas, and I am beyond excited and honored. Full disclosure: I’ve known for over a year that I’d have to write it. It doesn’t worry me. Or it didn’t.

It’s starting to.

Why? you ask. I’ll tell you why. Because I can’t settle on a topic, that’s why.

It shouldn’t be hard. The theme of the conference is Romance is the Heart of Texas. I write romance. There you go. Case solved. I should speak about romance. Good.

But…it’s kind of a broad topic, you know?

Bonnie suggested I open up Power Point and just create some random slides with my thoughts. A great idea. I did it. I wrote a few things down. I scoured the internet for some quotes. I got 11 slides done. I still don’t have a theme. I’m trying not to drive myself crazy. It’ll come. Just like my book ideas. I try not to panic if I don’t have one because one will come. One always does.

So. Deep breath. In. Out. The theme will come. It will.

Won’t it?

By the way, don’t hesitate to send me suggestions. Really. I’m totally open. I mean it. Totally.

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Georgia, you write some of the most authentic, endearing romance I’ve read. Ergo…you simply need to share with the rest of us, why that theme resonates so clearly in you. At the heart of it is Love.


Broad …and profound. You’ve got to consider all dimensions. 🙂
You could try and delve further into the matter. Drill, even! 😮
You never know what precious substance might spring from it… ^
It’s Texas, after all! 😀
Romance is the heart of Texas, that’s what makes them keep pumping… 😉

Sorry, I’m afraid that wasn’t much helpful, but I had fun with it anyway.
Hope to have provided some pleasant distraction from your quest for a perfect topic! 🙂


Georgia, I’m sure you are done with your speech by now. Right? If not, since the theme is “Romance in the Heart of Texas,” can I suggest that you tackle what you would consider to be the great lesbian romances in the Western? Ha! Good luck on that one! I hope that I can make it to Dallas for the conference. I have total faith in you! Just write from the heart and, if all else fails, tell your conference attendees that you’re thinking of moving to Texas because of the warm sultry weather, cowgirls (You and Bonnie are going to become a cowgirls and give up that frozen New York clime. I promise you’ll get cheers for that even if it is all a stretch of the truth! Cowgirls…cowwomen? There’s no happy medium. Cow persons? I give up!), and the massive availability of tacos.

Carrie Randall

Perhaps if the conference title is “Romance in the heart of Texas” you could bridge your romance novels with the heart, meaning that everyone loves from the heart, the inside. Whether lesbian, Southern, Democratic, we all strive for love and that comes from within our hearts. One commonality between you, your potential audience and all of your readers/books…we love to love! Have fun on your adventure!

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