Little Joys

How are you doing during this crazy time in the world? I mean, really. How are you?

Me? It depends on the day, I guess. The state of our government terrifies me. The pandemic terrifies me. I just moved into a new house. My dog is old. I have family and friends that I love who think four more years of what we’ve had is a fabulous idea. I have family and friends that I love who think wearing a mask is a nuisance and this pandemic thing has been blown all out of proportion.

My point?

My point is that, like most people I know, I’m a little bit stressed out! Wow.

During a recent online spin class, my instructor said something very simple that has stayed with me for days:

Nothing is promised.

Right? It’s a pretty simple and basic message, yes, but it resonated. Nothing is promised. Not next year. Not next month. Not next week. Not even tomorrow. Nothing.

Since that ride and hearing that message and sitting with it, my perspective has shifted a little bit. Listen, I live alone, and despite being an introvert who’s very happy on my own, I’ve found myself dealing with some periodic loneliness, which is new for me. And weird for me. I don’t often get lonely. But I’ve found a solution: finding joy in the little things. Yes, it sounds simplistic, but I swear to you, it’s helping. Here are some of the little joys in my life right now:

My dog Finley’s tongue sticks out when he’s sleeping. It’s bittersweet – I know it happens because he’s old, but it’s also adorable.

The taste of a good Pinot Noir. Seriously. Highly recommend. Yum.

My cat, Emmett, is a snuggler. It’s hard to be lonely when he’s on my lap.

The daily text my dad sends, telling me he’s “still kickin’.” It makes me smile every morning.

Learning to play the piano. I’m terrible, but enjoying the journey.

Finding new recipes that I can’t wait to try once I’m settled in to my new place and new kitchen.

I started using my Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte body wash and lotion from Bath & Body Works on August 28. That’s right. I cheated and started early and I smell delicious! And it made me happy. Little joys, right?

Tell me about the little joys that are helping you get through this chaotic mess of a year.