One Walk in Winter

October 2019

Nothing’s ever been handed to Olivia Santini and she’s proud of her work ethic. After seven years as the assistant manager of the Evergreen Resort and Spa, she has ideas to improve the bottom line and increase reservations. When her manager resigns, Olivia puts in her resume and waits for the interview. The job is practically hers, all she needs is the paperwork.

Hayley Boyd Markham is the youngest Markham, the only girl, and the most spoiled. An artistic soul in a family of business-minded type A’s, she’s always felt like a bit of a screw-up. After an embarrassing party situation, her father puts a hold on her allowance and gives her an ultimatum: spend the winter as manager of Evergreen Resort and Spa and show him it can turn a profit. Only then will he reconsider her future (and her inheritance).

A chance encounter in the woods is filled with chemistry and promise and though neither Olivia or Hayley is looking for love, they both feel the possibility. Until they get to work…

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