So, here’s what’s happening to me lately: I have puppies on the brain. There’s not a lot I can do about it and it’s worse for somebody like me (i.e. a sucker for animals). My good friend just got a new puppy, and she sends me adorable videos of him. I was walking my boys the other day and I saw a guy from the neighborhood walking a new puppy. Facebook is filled with pictures of puppies. I can’t get away.

Thing is, I’m not sure I want to. It might be time. Please know that I say this with very emotional hesitation. My mini Aussie, Finley (the love of my life), will be twelve this year. Do you know what the average life span of a mini Aussie is? Yeah, it’s twelve. Now, Fin is in good health, eats well, gets regular exercise, so it’s entirely possible that he will shatter that average. I certainly hope so because he is the best dog in all of life. Ever. And he has also promised never to leave me, so…  Still, that moment will come. I know it. I dread it, but I know it.

The other reality of the situation is that my Scottie, Duncan, is not only a mama’s boy, but very much in love with his big brother, so when Fin decides it’s time, I don’t think Bonnie and I will be the only ones devastated and suffering from separation anxiety. Thus, with all the puppies around us lately, we’ve opened the door to the discussion of bringing in another member of the family. Not quite yet, but soon. This year, most likely.

Stay tuned. I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, why should I be the only one to suffer? Here you go:




I was singing the same dirge. Dal is 12, Poppy 11, and then someone introduced “Hope”. I’m old and feeble and reluctant to take a 1y/o with unknown history. But, we are a very happy pack today. I’m filled with the same dread about my older pups, but they’re sharing even more love.
I’m glad I gave them all a forever home.


We lost our first baby 4 years ago. He was our world, our only one, for 7 years. He literally went EVERYWHERE with us. Eventually we added 2 more babies. Then a fourth. Then, before we knew it, he was 16, laying in our arms, taking his last breaths, as we walked outside at 2 a. m. Soon, he was gone. Part of me was as well. Our babies were so very great and loving!!! But there was a empty spot. We came across a Doxie. A mouthy, spunky, mini doxi. She was the runt of her litter and had been overlooked. She only weighed 21/2 lbs. when we brought her home! She fits right in with our other babies. She qiute literally walks all over them!! My heart still aches for my Frisco! Gianna is NOTHING like his gentle, loving soul! She is a 5lb. mack truck, but we are whole! ❤

Mary Ann

I hear you Georgia. We lost our 11 year old Golden Retriever 18 months ago. He was a rescue. He followed me everywhere, and I miss him everyday. We also have an 11 year old Golden Retriever girl, goofiest dog ever. She also is a rescue and we love her to pieces. We have had a discussion about another dog, but my 66 year old self is not ready for a puppy. We are however open to the universe providing us with another four legged family member.

Shari Baumer

We lost my boy Snuggles last year st 15. He was my first dog & I thought I’d never recover. We also have a 13 yr old Shi Zu who got us thru it. I know her days are also running out. So wondering if we bring a new baby to our home now or wait. Puppies seem to be every where right now. You are so right.

connie ward

Georgia, you know how I feel, by all means get another puppy. When we lost Zoe so unexpectedly a little over a year ago, I was devastated & had to get another one. I love this girl very much, BUT…she isn’t Zoe in an fashion. If fact, quite the opposite. I know you realize all of this, but just wanted to share.


Georgia, you know I’m with you in this. We got Hopper a bit too late for our Charlie. I have no doubt he liked her a lot, but he was much too old for a baby pal. That said, they curled up together and he’d let h find him and lead him around. And he wrestled with her as best he could.

When he broke my heart and finally had to go on his way, after accomplishing his life’s work of turning Sheryl into a dog lover, Hopper was heartbroken too, and, at 8 months old, simply stopped eating from grief. That’s how we got our big lad, Murphy. We weren’t ready, but she was and oh, so needy (she’d curl up in my lap, lean her head on my chest, meet my eyes and sigh). Oh.

Hopper’s strict instructions were to “pick out a small girl dog.” She did. Except she’s trapped in the gangly body of a goofy boy dog.

Go with your heart. Let the fellas’ come along for the picking. They’ll pick a winner. I guarantee it.

Kim Johnson

I have to say that another Scottie is the way to go. 🙂 Of course, we are Scottie people, so what else would I say. It’s a tough situation. May you find the perfect fit.

Ann Mammaro

I hear ya. I, too, am an animal lover who started out raised with pups, no not wolves, and I loved each one as they all were unique individuals. I would not have missed any of it for the world. They helped be who I have become to this day. And today who would have thought felines would be part of my life along with aging horses and aging people who I care about. It all comes together in the great vastness of time and space. But for today I enjoy waking and seeing those boo faces waiting for me to start a new day once again and I am the better for it.

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