Short Stories



The first in an on-going series, “Balance” introduces us to Norah Ellison, a woman with a gift…or is it a curse? She knows nothing about the women whose names show up to her in the morning, nothing other than they need her help. Now. She’s spent more than a decade recruiting a tiny team of assistants, but even they can’t guarantee she’ll know what to do…or that she’ll get it done in time. (This story was originally published in the collection “Outsiders,” released by Brisk Press.)


Episode 2
Picking up right where “Balance” left off, Norah Ellison heads to Poughkeepsie in the hopes of figuring out why her estranged mother’s name has appeared to her.



Working Girls: Fire Fighter

Her job is kind of boring. Her imagination is not. Join our heroine, an aspiring writer, as she gets through her day by inventing elaborate fantasies involving the various women who move into and out of her office building. First in a series of short stories. Light, fun, and sexy.



Call of the Wilde

A trio of short stories for your pleasure. Call of the Wilde: Can romance be found in a hospital recovery wing? A Puppy Dog Tale: A scruffy stray plays matchmaker. The New Two-Piece: You want to wallow over your recent break-up, but your sexy neighbors have other ideas. (erotica)




I wrote this one quite a while back and decided to dig it out and dust it off. I’ve reworked it, updated it, and I’m offering it up for you now. It’s a romance with a bit of a mysterious twist, something a little different than my usual stuff. It’s a pretty lengthy short story…not long enough to call a novella, but it’s not something you’ll blow through in ten minutes either. I hope you like it.